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Look Inwards

We all have three eyes. Two for looking out and one for looking in. Why would we want to look in when everything is happening ‘out there’? Because the treasure we seek is inside, not outside. What is treasure? Beauty, truth, peace, happiness. You already have what you seek. You already are stunningly beautiful. You are already peaceful and loving. How come you don’t know this? Simple, you never look inwards, beyond superficial memories or recent experiences, so you never see your own riches. Take a moment to stop, look in and see. Don’t rush. Don’t search. Just look. And be aware

Thought for Today

There is a part of you that is perfect and pure. It is untouched by the less-than-perfect characteristics you have acquired by living in a less than perfect world. This part of you is a still and eternal star. Make time to reach it and this will bring you untold benefit.

Thought for Today

Love can never be exclusive. The sun does not choose to shine on some flowers in the garden and not others. Love is inclusive and has many faces – caring, listening, sharing from the heart, just accepting someone for what they are right now, are all acts of love, as long as you seek nothing in return. It all starts with acceptance of yourself – you’re just fine as you are right now, warts and all. It’s not that you will stay that way for ever – but you might, if you don’t accept. The secret key to the greatest door called love is acceptance. First your self, then others (especially the ones you currently resist) and eventually …all.

Thought for Today

Ferocious Lions

The habits of guessing and assumption can be like ferocious lions. So do not allow them to run wild.

Thought for Today

A life of turbulence and noise may seem desirable to one who leads it, but wisdom is a pearl found only in still waters.

like sun reflects on water

like birds do fly

my life as seen in life’s mirror

my thoughts and i


i see myself in thee


like dawn clears the darkness

shapeless motion, waves at sea

my thanks to my “CREATOR” relieve  my sadness

and see myself in thee


like mountains towering high above

a tree, t’was once a seed

and so, i part of love

Almighty tends all needs


reveal thyself in me


like wind

abstract yet compulsory

for each and every kin

friend, foe, adversary

all power lies within



i am in thee!


mervyn jackman

Thought for Today

Ignorance makes you believe that life functions haphazardly. Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound significance. What you see today is not the fruit of chance but a fruit from seeds planted in the past. Plant seeds of peace now and you will create a life of peace in the future.

Thought for Today

Have you ever wondered why libraries have special atmospheres? They are places where many congregate but where silence is the code. Quietness in an atmosphere means there is the presence of quiet minds, and quiet minds are not only relaxed, they can concentrate easily and create more freely. Imagine you are in the library of your mind, browsing the accumulated wisdom on the shelves of your life – listen to the silence, be aware of the stillness. Now you can really listen. Now you can really hear. Now you can really think. Now you can create. And behold, you are an artist. Did you not know that silence and creativity are lovers?

Thought for Today

Every thought creates vibrations. Vibrations are like sound waves or radiations. No obstacles, no hurdles can stop them. Start each day by sending pure vibrations of good wishes to all souls..

Thought for today
   Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.― Norman Vincent Peale