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Soca rhythms are rooted in the calypso rhythms of Trinidad and Tobago. Ras Shorty I (G. Blackman/Shorty) is credited with blending the East Indian rhythms with calypso rhythms and pioneering the soca style of music in the 1970’s. Shorty’s composition, Endless Vibrations, is one of the first significant diversion from the calypso rhythms. In the song, the voice of the drums-set is prominent and tends to be very supportive of the rhythmic patterns of the bass. The general pattern played by the drummer is the consistent eighth note pulse played on the hi-hats accompanied by four quarter notes played on the bass drum in addition to the floor-tom that is played on the “and” of the second and fourth beats of each measure. In general, calypso rhythms are interpreted in the cut-time time signature in which the hi-hat is featured and accompanied by a syncopated rhythm pattern played on the bass drum. Soca rhythms are generally interpreted in common time – the time signature commonly used in North American Soul Music.

basic kaiso pattern

basic soca rhythm pattern