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like sun reflects on water

like birds do fly

my life as seen in life’s mirror

my thoughts and i


i see myself in thee


like dawn clears the darkness

shapeless motion, waves at sea

my thanks to my “CREATOR” relieve  my sadness

and see myself in thee


like mountains towering high above

a tree, t’was once a seed

and so, i part of love

Almighty tends all needs


reveal thyself in me


like wind

abstract yet compulsory

for each and every kin

friend, foe, adversary

all power lies within



i am in thee!


mervyn jackman

 THE WORLD IS MINE – Author Unknown

Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman and wished I were as beautiful.

When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle.

She had one leg and used a crutch. But as she passed, she passed a smile.

Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two legs; the world is mine.


I stopped to buy some candy. The lad who sold it had such charm.

I talked with him, he seemed so glad. If I were late, it’d do no harm.

And as I left, he said to me, “I thank you, you’ve been so kind.

It’s nice to talk with folks like you. You see,” he said, “I’m blind.”

Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two eyes; the world is mine.


Later while walking down the street, I saw a child I knew.

He stood and watched the others play, but he did not know what to do.

I stopped a moment and then I said, “Why don’t you join them dear?”

He looked ahead without a word. I forgot, he couldn’t hear.

Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two ears; the world is mine.


With feet to take me where I’d go.

With eyes to see the sunset’s glow.

With ears to hear what I’d know.

Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I’ve been blessed indeed, the world is mine.